Asbestos can be found in almost all types of building materials in residential, commercial, industrial and school settings.  A properly trained, experienced and certified inspector can help identify likely locations, collect samples and develop a inspection report that clearly identifies asbestos in your building.

In Wisconsin, asbestos is regulated by a number of different agencies including OSHA, DHS and the DNR.  In addition, all Schools are regulated by AHERA. 

Friable asbestos (able to be crumbled to a powder by hand pressure) can be dangerous to building occupants and employees.  A facility must maintain asbestos containing building materials in a good, non-friable condition.

Industry Requirements

Prior to any construction or renovation work, all building materials, regardless of age, should be tested for the presence of asbestos.

EMC can help you identify asbestos in your facility and, if present, help you manage the asbestos removal process. We provide asbestos project design, bidding and management services for all types of asbestos projects. We can also provide air monitoring during or after removal to verify a safe removal project.

School Program Requirements:

  • All buildings, regardless of age, must have an inspection report and management plan.
  • Schools must have an accredited inspector re-inspect all buildings every 3 years.
  • Schools must perform a periodic surveillance of asbestos in buildings every 6 months.
  • Schools must annually notify parents of students, occupants of the status of their asbestos program at       least once every year.
  • Asbestos warning labels must be affixed in routine maintenance areas such as boiler rooms,      maintenance areas, pipe chases and tunnels.
  • The School Asbestos Coordinator must register annually with DHS.
  • Schools must conduct a pre-renovation survey PRIOR to disturbing any building materials regardless of      the age of the material.  Most existing inspection documents will need to be updated prior to any      renovation or demolition activity.
  • Asbestos removal projects must be designed and abated by accredited personnel. Following the removal,      an independent air clearance test is required prior to re-occupancy. Based on materials removed, either a      PCM of TEM test must be conducted.
  • A 10-working day notice to the DNR is required before work can begin.
  • Schools must maintain all building asbestos records for the life of the building.