EMC has been providing school-focused health and safety consulting since 1991. Proper management of environmental health and safety programs is the key to helping the Client to provide an exceptional learning environment. Safety and environmental issues include among others:

  • AHERA Compliance (Asbestos)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Chemical Hazard Communication (SDS)
  • Facilities Safety Management
  • Fall Protection
  • Lead Paint
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Science Laboratory Safety

EMC offers a comprehensive health and safety package to cover all your regulatory compliance needs including written programs, compliance inspections, pro-active safety audits and compliance training.

EMC Approach



Workers are often in the best position to recognize and raise awareness of environmental health and safety concerns. This makes the education of these workers to recognize and respond to identified hazards essential. EMC educates through a process including personalized training sessions, e-mail updates on current issues, centralized seminars and on-line training. 



Properly managing the hazards that face the Client personnel is the key to securing a safer future for workers, students and building occupants. The first step to proper management is comprehensive written plans followed by regular site evaluations and project management. After site specific building and building use evaluations, written plans offer detail about the hazard in question and proper procedures for addressing that hazard.  



Proper communication between a consultant and client is one of the most important elements of that relationship. We understand the "Art of Consulting" by providing the client the perfect balance of information by properly communicating a concern to appropriate individuals while maintaining a client-focused solution that helps resolve concerns.

EMC has lead the school consulting industry by providing revolutionary tools to manage information, educate employees and train staff.  Contact us to learn about our approach.


Environmental Management Consulting, Inc. (EMC) recommends a comprehensive approach to these issues that will include the essential elements of education, management and communication (E-M-C). Proper management of these hazards will help the Client avoid regulatory fines, reduce workers’ compensation claims, lawsuits due to employee/occupant injury or illness and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the facilities.