Quick response to floods, fires and other emergencies can help identify potential environmental concerns and prevent unnecessary exposures to asbestos, lead, mold and other environmental concerns. With experienced industrial hygiene professionals on staff, EMC has helped numerous clients respond in a quick and cost-effective manner to all types of emergencies. 

EMC can provide detailed assessments to assist in the restoration process and also provide hard data at the conclusion of a project to validate remediation work.  We have worked with numerous insurance adjusters, facility owners and restoraration contractors to help identify and solve problems.

EMC can not only help with emergencies, but we can also help avoid costly problems be conducting pro-active inspections and sampling programs. Proper identification and planning can help identify hazards in advance and reduce future liabilities.  Experienced health and safety consultants can help clients reduce potential exposures through industrial hygiene monitoring, background air sampling, noise monitoring and safety inspections.